About Us


Hi guys!

My name is Saskia and welcome to my small business dedicated to my two little girls who's middle names are Lily and Rose. I built this website with the intention of showing and selling my handmade products, mostly skincare and beauty related (well at the moment anyway). 

I always think it's nice to know the person behind products like these and why and how they started their journey. For me, it all started as a hobby to pass time during my maternity leave whilst being caught up in lockdown due to a worldwide pandemic! I mean, what else was there to do whilst at home with a 5 month old and nearly two year old!

I needed something to help me switch off from the world. Something to keep my mind busy so I didn't have to think about my hectic life for an hour or two a day whilst my babies napped. It was a release for me to then end up with a beautiful, bespoke, hand crafted product at the end of it which I could then enjoy in the later evenings either in my self-care or skin care routine. 

And here we are now! That's my story, now lets shop!!