Rollerball Gift Set

Rollerball Gift Set

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Introducing our new rollerball set just in time for Christmas! We have sourced some lovely Kraft card boxes which fit our rollerballs in perfectly with some Christmas themed tissue paper to create the perfect little gift for family, friends or even a gift from you to you! These can be rolled over the pressure points of the body (underneath of wrists, temples, behind ears and a little fact- the soles of your feet is best for fastest absorption rate!)

We have carefully selected our 3 most popular rollerball blends to include in these sets which are suitable for both male or female! The blends selected include:

  • Sleep Easy- a blend using lavender, camomile and ylang ylang carefully formulated to aid a restful and calming nights sleep which is suitable for all the family (including babies over the age of 3 months) 
  • Anxiety- a blend using lavender, bergamot and ylang ylang which is a more subtle scent but useful for carrying around in a handbag or pocket on the go for anxious situations that may arise or to just use for a quick form of relief on your pressure points. 
  • Stress Relief- a blend using lavender, lemongrass and bergamot. A fresh scent perfect to carry around on the go for instant relief of stressful situations- definitely one popular for taking to work!